3.3" X 2.1" X 1.4" PROJECT BOX

$2.25 each
10 or more $2.10 each
3.3" x 2.1" x 1.4" H heavy-duty 3/32" molded plastic box with aluminum cover. Built in stand-offs for P.C. or perf boards. Each case has brushed aluminum cover and screws. Our solderable perf board, CAT# PC-2, fits this case.
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Customer Comments

Average Customer Review:  (5 Reviews) Write A Review

A customer from Seacoast, New Hampshire
The TB-2's I received about 2-Sep-2005 are 3-3/16 x 1-3/8 x 1-15/16 inches....

Not the dimensions stated in the ad...Have to order next bigger...

A customer from Colorado Springs CO
Straightening box sides
I posted a fix for straightening the box sides in the TB-3 box comments.

Dan S. from Marshall, MN
Cheap, but gets the job done....
I recently utilized this project box in a project. I have a few nitpicks about it.

First, the PCB board standoffs hold the board too high in the enclosure. You either have to mount the components facing down or hack the standoffs down with a Dremel cutoff wheel if you want to mount your board component side up, which is usually desireable if you have different tap-in points, etc, that will need to be accessed from the top side of the board.

Next, the stand-offs are not evenly spaced with standard PCB board hole spacing. If you drill a couple of the existing PCB board solder holes bigger, you'll have to put the board in at an angle instead of flush with the sides.

The box includes 6 screws - 4 for the lid and 2 for the standoffs (there are only two standoffs). I found that with the thickness of a standard PCB board the screws are not long enough to grip well in the standoffs. You'll probably want to use longer screws.

Finally, the lid does not fit the enclosure well. It appears that the sidewalls of the enclosure are bowed in and must be pried out in order to be able to screw the lid down flush with the top of the enclosure (otherwise the aluminum lid sits on top of the enclosure).

Those things being said, I think this is still a deal at its current price. Having integrated standoffs makes for a much neater project. If you're able to work around the few fit issues noted above, this box would make an excellent choice for a project.

A customer from APO, AE US
Tight fit
Fit the pc board PC-2 perfectly... the only problem was getting the board in there. The walls were bowed in a pretty good bit, and had to be pryed apart for the board to slide in. Once in, though, it was fine. Very good looking overall.

A customer from USA
Useful sized box at a very good price
Despite the interior of this box being just a bit on the small side compared to the outside, caused by the taper, some thick standoffs, and slots on the sides, I've found these to be fairly useful for a number of projects. They also hold the "grid-style" boards (which have the central power bus that's great for projects using ICs) from Radio Shack with only some minor trimming.