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Product Description
Rugged telephone butt set in almost-new condition with one major problem - the test leads have been cut-off. For replacement leads, see our CAT# TLB-5. Or, you can use CAT # ALG-9, which will require more work, but will save money. Replacement instructions are available on our website.

• Tone and Pulse dialing
• Continuous line polarity indication
• Talk or monitor
• 17 button keypad
• Last number memory
• Mute
• Rugged, water-proof, shock-resistant case
• Belt hook
Spec sheet available in PDF format.
WARNING: May cause cancer or reproductive harm.
California Prop. 65
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Customer Reviews (11 Reviews)

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How to use the function keys

Reviewer: from HUBBARDSTON, MA US

TBR button = Timed Break Recall (i.e. hook flash)

P is for "Program" and M is for "Memory":
Go off-hook, Press P (program),
then 1 (speed location),
then your number to save,
then hang up.
Go off-hook, press M,1 to dial.
You can program each digit with a number.
Pressing M twice does a last-number redial.

Don't know how long the memory lasts after disconnect.

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Good test set for the price

Reviewer: from Texas, USA

I'm a retired Bell telephone man...this is a pretty good bargain for the price..light..appears to be water tight..tones sound clean on dialing..inbound voice sounds clean..good hybrid..appears to be durable..I dropped it twice from my ladder..still worked ok..polarity led is a good feature..two things wear out fast on butt sets..the dial and the belt clip..

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Reviewer: from little rock, AR

Good value at this price, even if a little work is required. The GS key is probably not used on this model because it was probably not equipped with a 3 conductor lead set for use with ground start equipment.

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Most Bang for Your Bucks

Reviewer: from Los Angeles, CA

Used a set of test lead and a set of alligator clip. Worked perfectly. Had to do some research on the Internet for find out what all the buttons meant and did, but it was worth the extra time.

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Telephone repair phone

Reviewer: from San Francisco.

Hi, hey does the "Customer from NYC", (just above in comments) want to share all his/her hard work in deciphering the schematic of the phone? That would be super helpful to all of us, we bought one but the level is just too darn low to use easily. If you can, please email to me, and I'll email to anybody that want's a copy. Thanks!

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