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$8.50 each
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Fascinating mini Tesla Coil kit is great for educational demonstrations and entertainment purposes. Produces a high-voltage, low-current arc when you hold a metallic object (ie. insulated screwdriver) next to it. Impressively, it uses wireless power to transmit electrical energy to a high-frequency, low current electrical load such as a neon lamp or fluorescent bulb without any physical connection. 85mm x 54mm x 68mm assembled. Requires a 12 Vdc 2 Amp power supply, we suggest our CAT# PS-2202U or PS-1292.
Spec sheet available in PDF format.
WARNING: May cause cancer or reproductive harm.
California Prop. 65
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Fun kit

Reviewer: from Seal Rock Oregon

This is a really fun little kit. Imagine a working Little Tesla coil for this price. I assembled it in less than 20 minutes and it worked great. I placed a CFL bulb next to it and it lit up like it was plugged in. Obtain some silicon adhesive to glue the secondary onto the board.

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