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Product Description
Relay module can switch loads up to 10A @ 30Vdc for adjustable period of 0-25 seconds. Press momentary push-button to energize the relay for given amount of time, to open or close the relay contacts. LED indicator lights when relay is energized. Multi-turn potentiometer adjusts the time the relay remains energized.

• Input: 5Vdc via solder terminals or Micro-USB port
• Load: SPDT relay rated 10A @ 30Vdc
• Screw-terminals for output
• Interval time: 0-25 seconds. LED indicator
• Overall dimensions: 2.1" x 0.75" x 0.65"
WARNING: May cause cancer or reproductive harm.
California Prop. 65
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Delay shut off relay 12 sec max.

Reviewer: from Vancouver, WA, USA

I bought 4 of these for some small projects. I needed a delay shutoff of about 25 seconds, or more. The longest these will delay shut-off is 12 seconds, no matter how many turns I make on the adjusting screw. I checked two of them, same result. Its still a great price and I am a still a big fan and will continue to order components for my tinkering and use these on another project. Thanks All Electronics!

[Note from All Electronics: Thanks for the review. W have tested them out here, and are able to get up to the 25 second delay - not sure what the issue is with the one's you received. The only guess we have from our tests is... keep turning]

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