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Product Description
PC mount screw-clamp blocks with terminals on 5mm (0.197") centers. Interlock two or three position blocks to provide strips of any required length. Accepts up to 14 AWG wire. Rated 10 Amps, 300 Volts. 3-conductor. Side wire entry - 0.55" high. For 2-conductor strip see our CAT# TER-202.
WARNING: May cause cancer or reproductive harm.
California Prop. 65
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Great "...tie- ins"!

Reviewer: from Houston, TX USA

I build a lot of "homebrewed" equipment from scratch. In the past, I either had wires soldered to pc boards or I used molex connectors, to plug and unplug! These blocks work great!! It is easy to layout on pc boards and just use a screwdriver to connect a wire to switchs, pots, fuses, etc. KD5BIH

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Great for Connecting / Disconnecting !

Reviewer: from Houston, TX 77011

I build a lot of "homebrew" equipment...
I don't like to to have wires coming from a pc bd. to switchs, pots, speakers, etc. that is directly soldered. I like having connectors, which can be disconnected. These make it easy to connect/disconnect and it doesn't break the bank! KD5BIH

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