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Product Description
Celsius thermometer with digital LCD readout. Moisture resistant, waterproof probe on 38" lead designed for aquarium, refrigerator, freezer etc.

• Temperature range: -50 to 110°C
• Accuracy: ±1°C
• 1.87" x 1.11" black bezel
• Snap-mounts in 1.75" x 1" panel cut-out. 0.61" deep.
• 38" waterproof probe
• Powered by two LR44 batteries (included)
WARNING: May cause cancer or reproductive harm.
California Prop. 65
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Works great, can be converted to Fahrenheit

Reviewer: from Michigan

Works great. I disassembled mine (easy to do) and converted to Fahrenheit by making a solder bridge across the small jumper on the PCB labeled JF.

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Fahrenheit Conversion done

Reviewer: from Phoenix AZ

Thanks to A Viewer from Michigan for the Fahrenheit conversion tip and picture. I followed that and converted the two units I had with out issue.

It took me a while to figure out where they had applied the solder jumper from the picture linked above.
JF label is at the 6 o'clock position of the big black circle. the solder jumper is just to the left of JF in the white square.

I put one in the wine fridge and one in the AC output vent to verify they are working. I wish they had them for higher temps I would get one for the smoker and grill.

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Celsius only

Reviewer: from San Antonio, TX, USA

Shame on me for not reading the description. I assumed it could be switched to Fahrenheit but doesn’t seem to be possible. Seems very responsive to temp changes and can’t beat the price. Guess now I’ll need to get better at internalizing Celsius to Fahrenheit conversion.

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Certainly worth the money

Reviewer: from PNW USA

First of all, thanks to the two reviewers who explained how to convert this to Fahrenheit. (The two points you want to solder together are inside the white silkscreened box to the left of "JF".) It occurs to me that one could wire a switch to these contacts to be able to switch between °F and °C.)

Comparing the temperature displayed to two other digital thermometers, this one seems to read about 2° too high. Not too bad; at this price, we're not getting a high-precision instrument here! Good enough.

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Convert to F?

Reviewer: from USA

I did the jumper connection, but the display now reads, "- - - F"
Did I break something?

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