CAT# TP-100

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0.26" square, screwdriver adjust potentiometer. Unusual lead configuration. The two outside leads are 0.82" long while the center lead is a standard length pc lead. The two rear leads are on 0.15" centers.
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Average Customer Review:  (1 Review) Write A Review

A customer from San Luis Obispo
Further Details
The "Unusual lead configuration" is merely a lead extension of the through-hole PC Pin mount configuration for "Tape & Box Packaging" distribution.

These trimpots are very similar to Panasonic's 6FE Square Trimmer Potentiometers series, type EVNDJA carbon 1/10W 30% trimmers. The odd part is that the 100 Ohm value here is outside the Nominal Total Resistance range of 1K to 1M Ohm for this product.