$2.00 each
Universal telephone pick-up cup. This device has a suction cup which attaches to the earpiece side of a telephone handset and will pick up both sides of the phone conversation. Terminates to a 3.5 mm plug.
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Average Customer Review:  (2 Reviews) Write A Review

A customer from Houston, TX USA
I just got this tepehone pickup (coil) in... I have not used it, but, I really like the suction cup!
It holds extra strong and looks impressive! KD5BIH

A customer from SEATTLE, WA USA
Excellent "EM Listener"
Slide it around your laptop and hear a collection of digital choruses. Stick it to a cellphone and listen to power-up. Detect the AC leaking out of old non-conduit house wiring. Wave it near a CCFL lamp. Find underground power lines. I plug the coil into one of those Radio Shack little white amplified loudspeakers. Perhaps try "super stereo ear" kit (stereo! use two coils at 90deg?!!)