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60/40 SOLDER

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7' 18 ga. (1mm) solder in a convenient tube dispenser. Rosin-based no-clean flux.
WARNING: May cause cancer or reproductive harm.
California Prop. 65
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Reviewer: from Brooklyn, NY USA

I have had good results with this solder, and it is affordably priced. (For years I used a brand called Multicore which has gotten crazy expensive, if you can even find it.) This solder does the trick and I have never gotten a bad tube. My last experience with Radio Shack solder was that none of the joints held, and I was left with one big open circuit! Frye's has good solder comparable to this, but as I recall they charge more. This is a better deal.

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Not for light soldering

Reviewer: from HARRODSBURG, IN USA

Hardens dull instead of shiny, takes too much heat to melt if you are soldering lugs on plastic switches, etc... If I had noticed the thickness, I would not have purchased. I went to Radio Shack and purchased the 60/40 rosin core that I normally use. It sets shiny which is one of the indicators of a good solder joint.

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