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Five piece assortment of 4 1/2" long stainless steel tweezers. Includes 2 fine-point tweezers, curved-tip fine-point tweezers, spade-tip and flat-tip tweezers. Includes storage pouch.
WARNING: May cause cancer or reproductive harm.
California Prop. 65
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Pretty nice

Reviewer: from Chicago, IL

For $5, this is a pretty good deal. The set I got actually had one set of cross-lock tweezers, which was cool. The ends meet cleanly and the tips are sharp, not bad at all.

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Inexpensive, but not cheap.

Reviewer: from Virginia

These are excellent tools for small jobs. I use them extensively for soldering microplugs on my rc batteries and speed controls. Good for working in tight places. Though not advertised, I believe these are stainless steel.

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Good for the price.

Reviewer: from Seattle, WA

As is, the set I bought was quite usable; they were well aligned but but the needle types were not at all sharp. A little time with a rotary tool and some files and I had some great little tweezers. Noted that these are fairly magnetic.

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