$27.50 each
Up-down (Buck-Boost) voltage converter.
Input: 5-32 Vdc.
Output: 1-30 Vdc, continuously adjustable.
Output current: 7A continuous, 10A peak.
Output power: 80W continuous, 130W peak.
Output ripple: 50Mv.
1.83" x 3.05" x 0.58".
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Average Customer Review:  (3 Reviews) Write A Review

A customer from El Paso, TX
Really nice
The Suburban NT-16SE propane furnace in our RV, does not ignite when the battery voltage drops below 12.4 or thereabouts. This little converter, connected to the ingnitor board (not the blower motor) keeps it working when cold and low voltage. I set it to 12.9. It also fits nicely in a small project box from All Electronics.

A customer from Slayton, MN
More Info...
From a similar unit on eBay, I was able to determine that the 3 pots are for adjusting Under Voltage, Constant Current, and Constant Voltage. It also apparently has a fuse on in the input (15A?)

A customer from Studio City, CA USA
More Specs
Appears to be the same as ones labeled WD2002SJ. Here's a link to more info.