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Step-up voltage "Boost" converter based on the MT3608 chip. 1.47" x 0.69" x 0.25" pc board with solder spots for input and output voltage. On-board trimmer for adjustment.

• Input: 2-24 Vdc
• Output: up to 28 Vdc @ 2A max./ 1A constant
WARNING: May cause cancer or reproductive harm.
California Prop. 65
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Steps Up

Reviewer: from Phoenix, AZ USA

Works great.
[As a Reply to a previous reviewer: GND is common to input AND output]

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Reviewer: from HEATH, MA USA

It would be useful to know if there's a common ground between the input and output. Or whether they could be connected to give a negative voltage out, like to run an op-amp from a single-ended power input.

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Answer to the first user's question on floating GND

Reviewer: from CA, USA

No, it has common ground between input and output.
It is not a transformer isolated DC/DC converter.

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