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Product Description
Input: 5.0-25 Vdc
Output: 0.5-25 Vdc adjustable
Continuous Output Current: 2A (max)
Dimensions: 47 x 41 x 16mm
3-digit red LED display.
WARNING: May cause cancer or reproductive harm.
California Prop. 65
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Key functions


With the meter facing you, the right key is On/off for the output, not input. As far as Im guessing the converter will still consumer power when "off."

the S key mostly deals with the meter end of things.

Working Mode:
Input voltage mode: [set as default display input voltage], displayed as ".", LED indicator ON, the output is off.
Output voltage mode: Press S1 switch to output voltage mode, display ".", LED indicator off, if turn off the output, display "OFF".
Alternate mode: Press S1 key again, display input/output voltage alternately in 3 seconds, press S1 again switch to "input voltage mode".

Memory Mode:
Long press S1 for 3 seconds for the converter to memorize the current work status and set it to default.
[0]means boot default display input voltage
[1]means boot default display output voltage
[2]means boot default display input/output voltage alternately

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Very Nice Converter

Reviewer: from Ft. Worth, TX

This is an excellent DC voltage converter, and allows you to cut down on the inventory of DC power supplies. This and a single high current supply, you can derive any voltage you may need. The only lack I see with this item is that there is no attached data sheet to explain operation of both mode buttons. Can anyone help with this?

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Great little converter.

Reviewer: from Northern Maine

I just ordered a second one. Very nice!!

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