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Advertising audio/video player. Ideal for in-store or convention displays or science fair projects. Continuously repeats program, up to 5 minutes, while SD card is in slot. Plays MOV format video and audio. Input program via SD card or USB ports. Built-in IR sensor can be set to turn-off sound or power at specified interval when not being watched. Advertising Player# KRC2015080016433

• New units, with power supplies
• Inputs: SD card (FAT32 format), USB port, 3.5mm stereo jack
• Continuously repeats programs in MOV format
• MOV video supported up to 720p max.
• Overall dimensions: 8.5" x 5.9" x 1.2"
• Viewing area: 6.0" x 3.4"
• Power supply: 5Vdc, 1.5A
• IR remote to change menu
• Menu controls brightness, contrast, saturation, volume, IR detection
• On-off sensor time: 5 seconds to 5 minutes.
• Screw slots for horizontal or vertical mounting
• Threaded tripod adapter on rear

Notes: SD card not included. We recommend our CAT#s MSD-16 or MSD-32 with adapter SDR-6

WARNING: May cause cancer or reproductive harm.
California Prop. 65
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7" video player?

Reviewer: from ABQ, New Mexico

A well built monitor/player. The little book is poorly translated, but ok. Had to replace the 3 vdc battery in the remote. Dead. Got the screen to come on, date showed 2011. I followed the menu questions but could not get any video to play, even using suggested formats. SD card , USB or thumb drive. The unit would cycle through still shots ok reading an SD card only. Instruction booklet mentions upgrade but doesn't list a link. I plan on using this monitor in a space/sci/fi movie I'm building, writing, directing. I might have to ACT in it too. Heaven forbid! Been there, done that. imdb me. Yes, a low budget thriller! Not sure how to pay the actors! Food? I might buy another for back up. If you can get video to show, let me know!

[All Electronics: In our tests here we were able to get it to run movie files in the .MOV format, but as the description says, it only works up to 720p - so make sure your video is 720p or less. When dropping a 1080p or 1080i file on the memory card, the video won't play and you'll just get a black screen. Hope this helps.]

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