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$7.20 each
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Stripper and cutting tool. Stripper adjusts from 30 to 10 ga wire. Spring-loaded to open after each usage. Rubberized grips.
WARNING: May cause cancer or reproductive harm.
California Prop. 65
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Fine for Classroom Usage / Infrequent Adjusting

Reviewer: from Alabama, USA

If you must buy in quantity, for a class, you can't beat this price anywhere for a set of strippers (that we know of). They are rather a pain to adjust, it took us over 30 minutes to adjust 4 pair of them to strip 26 gauge wire, using some heavy lineman's pliers, a large screwdriver, and strong hands. The nut did not fit our nut drivers. But if you're always using mostly the same gauge wire, and can leave them set up for that, then once they are adjusted they seem to stay that way. We've only used them a few weeks; can't say what would happen over time if they were readjusted often, it's not something I'd like to have to do and I'd say the metal might develop preferred settings? The kids in class (9yo and up) are able to use them, I was concerned they wouldn't have the hand strength but if they are adjusted not to bite the wires, they can use them.

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High quality

Reviewer: from Lakewood, CO US

This wire striper is a lot higher quality than you would expect. It's made like all the other ones, but it seems to have been machined more percisely.

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Good quality,best for set it & forget it use

Reviewer: from ATTLEBORO, MA USA

These are nice quality units but they are made for infrequent adjustment and require a bit of practice to set up.
I suggest buying a few to set to common wire sizes and then color code them. I found this to be more efficient than using a mutli-AWG stripper.

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very nice

Reviewer: from MI

They work very well,and are very sharp,I am very pleased with them.

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Great set

Reviewer: from MIDDLETOWN, NJ US

great set for its unbeatable price, although better/more pricy ones will work faster and wont cut thin conductors most of the time these are just fine.

my first pair like these was from the radio shack but they are higher in price and really dull compared to these, im going to stick with these for replacements

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