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Product Description
• High-carbon steel wire cutter/ stripper for solid and stranded wire.
• Precision ground cutting surface.
• Cushion grip.
• Adjusts with screwdriver.
• For AWG 30-10 (0.5-4.0mm)
WARNING: May cause cancer or reproductive harm.
California Prop. 65
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Surprising poor quality

Reviewer: from Merritt Island, FL

I just received this wire stripper/cutter, and I was shocked. What I received has no spring. The stripper/cutter can not be operated with one hand! I've never seen this type of wire cutter that doesn't have a spring, and I've used wire strippers for more than 50 years. I expect this from Amazon, but not from these guys. Whoever decided to stock these has obviously never used a pair of wire stippers.

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