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Flashing, fading, pulsing miniature warm-white LEDs with a waterproof, battery-powered controller and an infra-red remote control. Great for projects, models, home or costume lighting effects. 32' (10M) string with 100 LEDs on 10 cm centers. 8 different flash-patterns. Controller with battery holder for at one end. Push-button on controller changes flashing pattern each time it is pushed. Included is an infrared remote control that additionally, dims, brightens and changes the timing of the patterns. Operates on 3AA batteries (not included).

Note: Draws approximately 50-80mA at 4.5Vdc. If using for more than a few hours you may want to hardwire to a 5 Vdc power supply, ie our CAT# PS-517 or similar, or a USB charger will work. Click here for diagram.

WARNING: May cause cancer or reproductive harm.
California Prop. 65
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