Spec Sheets of Items No Longer Available

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AA-11 Glass-Break Sensor For Auto Alarm AB-102 Add-on Board for PM-102B AMP-1 14 Watt Amplifier AMP-2 Mono Amplifier w/ 2 Pots AMP-3Mono Amplifier w/ 3 Pots AMP-4 Stero Amp & Speaker Assembly AXL-1Axle or Scooter or Pocket Bike BA6886NMotor Driver (6.5-28VDC) BC-23 Battery Charger for 7.2 - 9.6 NI-MH & NI-CD BC-124 12 Vdc 4A Battery Charger/Maintainer, 3-Stage BCS-84 Panasonic Bar Code Reader BTE-45 Lithium-Ion Prismatic Cell BXA-12529 12 Vdc Inverter BXA-12576 12 Vdc Inverter CDC-1 Countdown Clock CF-224Small 12Vdc Hi-Speed Fan Assembly CF-270 12 Vdc Centrifugal Blower CF-48048 Vdc Centrifugal Fan CNY65OPTOCOUPLER W/PHOTOTRANSISTOR OUTPUT CON-4433-Conductor Jumper w/ Headers CTR-7Two-Digit Counter, Kit CUE-1 "Cue Cat" Barcode Scanner, USB-Style CUE-2 "Cue Cat" Barcode Scanner, PS-2 Style DC-18 DC/DC Converter DC-27 25 Watt, Triple Output DC/DC Converter DC-28 25 Watt, Triple Output DC/DC Converter DC-30 150 Watt Output DC/DC Converter DC-31 25 Watt, Dual Output DC/DC Converter DC-32DC/DC Converter DC-33 15 Vdc / 20 Watt Output DC/DC Converter DC-43 5 Vdc to 9 Vdc DC/DC Converter DC-51212(15)V 0.25(0.2)A DC-DC Converter DC-24055V 0.3A DC-DC Converter DCM-97 12 Vdc Worm Gear Actuator/Motor DCM-110Hook-Up Sheet DCM-139 DC Servo and Encoder DCM-177, DCM-178 12 Vdc Gear Motor w/ Brake DCM-249Powerful Windshield Wiper Motor DCM-27312 Vdc Mirror Adjuster Mechanism DCM-311 DC Motor w/ Optical Tachometer DCM-34624 Vdc Gearhead Motor W/ Speed Control DCM-40424 Vdc 19 RPM Gear Motor DCM-434Windshield Wiper Motor DCM-51712 Vdc Motor DL-2412 Intelligent Alphanumeric Displays DLM-5Red Laser Diode Module DMR-10Dual 12 Vdc 18W PWM Dimmer / Speed Control EDE-300 Parallel/Serial Transceiver IC EDE-702LCD Controller IC EDE-707 7 Segment LED Display Driver IC EDE-1144Keypad Encoder IC EDE-1200Uni-Polar Stepper Motor IC EDE-1204Bi-Polar Stepper Motor IC ES-716 Siren Board EX-53 Board w/ LEDs and Connectors EX-101 Alesis Headphone Selector Box EX-107 Rain Sensor - Transmitter FSH-14Flasher GL-6LED Keychain Flashlight HVS-1Voltage Multiplier Instructions ILED-20 T 1 3/4 Infrared LED INV-505 Inverter for CCFT Lamps INV-1125CCFL Inverter JS-66-Channel Transmitter and Receiver JS-7Joystick KFK-1Solderless Electronic Dinosaur Kit KP-11 GTE Telephone Dialer Keypad KP-2416 Button Keypad L297 Stepper Motor Controller IC L298NMotor Controller Chip LBAT-43 Li-Ion Prismatic Cell LCD-28 640 X 64 Dot LCD LCD-32 640 X 480 LCD with Built-In Digitizer LCD-40 240 X 64 with EL Backlight LCD-46 20 Character X 4 Line LCD-51 320 X 200 w/ CCFT Backlight LCD-53 16 Character X 2 Line LCD w/ Backlight LCD-55 16 Character X 1 Line LCD LCD-58 256 X 128 LCD LCD-61 640 X 480 LCD Panel w/ CCFT Backlight LCD-63 20 X 2 Line LCD LCD-64 16 X 2 Miniature LCD LCD-66 16 X 2 LCD LCD-68 16 Character X 2 Line LCD LCD-69 24 Character X 2 Line LCD LCD-70 2 X 40 LCD Display LCD-74 24 Character X 2 Line LCD w/ Backlight LCD-75 16 Character X 1 Line LCD LCD-76 20 X 1 Large Character LCD LCD-77 8 X 2 Character LCD LCD-79 20 X 4 Character LCD LCD-83 40 X 2 Character LCD LCD-85 40 Character X 4 Line LCD LCD-86 16 X 2 LCD with LED Backlight LCD-87 16 X 4 LCD LCD-88 24 X 2 LCD with EL Backlight LCD-89 20 X 4 LCD with LED Backlight LCD-90 40 X 2 LCD with EL Backlight LCD-91 40 X 4 LCD with LED Backlight LCD-92 256 X 64 Graphic LCD Module LCD-96 16 X 2 LCD Module LCD-97 16 X 2 LCD with LED Backlight LCD-98 16 X 2 LCD with LED Backlight LCD-10016 X 1 Line LCD LCD-102 20 Character X 2 Line w/ LED Backlight LCD-103640 X 400 LCD Display w/ EL Backlight LCD-104640 X 480 LCD W/ CCFL Backlight & Inverter LCD-10540 Character X 2 Line LCD Display LCD-106 16 Character X 1 Line LCD W/ LED Backlight LCD-10724 Character X 2 Line LCD W/ EL Backlight LCD-108 16 Character X 4 Line LCD W/ LED Backlight LCD-109 128 X 32 LCD W/ LED Backlight LCD-112 40 X 4 LCD Display LCD-11324 Character X 2 Line LCD LCD-114 16 Character X 1 Line LCD LCD-11616 X 1 LCD w/ EL Backlight, Small Character LCD-11716 Character X 2 Line LCD LCD-119 640 X 480 LCD w/ CCFT Backlight LCD-120 16 X 2 LCD W/ LED Backlight (Yellow-Green) LCD-121 16 X 2 LCD W/ LED Backlight (Blue) LCD-12816 Character X 2 Line LCD LCD-208 8 Character x 2 Line LCD w/ Backlight LCD-2122 X 12 LCD with Backlight LED-74Blue T1 3/4 LED-75White T1 3/4 LED-77Aqua High Brightness 5mm LED LED-88 Ultrabright Red LED, T-1 3/4 LED-95Flashing Red, Green, Blue LED LED-1101 Watt White Ultra-Ultra Bright LED LED-118 5W Blue Luxeon LED LED-126Ultrabright Red LED LED-129Red / Green / Blue Flashing LED LED-144Ultrabright white LED, Luxeon Lumiled LED-145High-Power Cool-White LED Emitter LED-917Super-bright High-flux LED, Blue LNS-55TV Projection Lens Disassembly LP-904 Laser Parking Device w/ Motion Sensor MC34119P Low Power Audio Amplifier MCR-12Magnetic Card Reader MCT Coffee Timer MCT-3Digital On-Timer MOD-6 RF / AV Modulator MPOT-10K Motorized Dual 10K Pot MRC-27 Mini-Remote-Control Car MRC-49 Mini-Remote-Control Car MRE-5 Mechanical Rotary Encoder MSC-6Motor Speed Control Kit w/ Motor MSE-3 3 Button Serial Mouse MSE-16Optical Mouse Instruction Sheet MSP-4Electric Scooter Speed Control MSP-6Motor Speed Controller MSP-15024 Vdc 40 A Motor Speed Control NOK-12 Nokia 5100/6100 "Hands-Free" Car Unit OSU-32USlotted Opto Switch, Used PCA-3Printer Autoloader Controller (Servo Controller) PCM-1Photo Module for PCM Remote, 38KHZ2138YA1 PCTX-12212/24V 2.5VA PC Mount Transformer PCTX-241 24V @ 1A or 12V @ 2A PC Mount Transformer PIR-2 Infrared Detector PJT-11.18" (30 mm) square Peltier Junction PJT-2 1.57" (40 mm) square Peltier Junction PJT-4 Thermoelectric Cooler/Heater, Peltier Effect PJT-740mm X 44mm Thermoelectric Cooler PJT-8 Thermoelectric Cooler/Heater, Peltier Effect PJT-10Large Thermoelectric Device PM-102B 3 1/2 Digit LED Panel Meter, Self-Monitoring PRNT-4 Panasonc Serial Thermal Printer PS-017 3-Ooutput 24Vdc Power Platform PS-017 Modification Instructions PS-036 3-Output 24 Vdc Power Platform PS-037 4-Ooutput Power Platform PS-27 Hook-Up Sheet PS-150 Switching Power Supply Hook-Up Sheet PS-155 150 Watt Power Supply PS-163 Antec #PP-163 Power Supply Hook-Up Notes PS-205200 Watt Uninterruptable Power Supply PS-252 25 Watt Power Supply PS-350 350 Watt Power Supply PS-531 Table-Top Power Supply PS-54554 Vdc, 5.2A Switching Power Supply PS-550 550 Watt Power Supply PS-657 6.5 Vdc 700 ma Switching Power Supply PS-700 125 Watt Switching Power Supply PS-1210 12 Volt 11 Amp Power Supply PS-4160202 Watt Power Supply PS-5046 Power Supply with UPS & Charger PS-1236612V 36.6A Power Supply PTR-3Phototransister PTX-502Surface Mount Telecom Transformer PV-1 Mini Pneumatic Solenoid Valve, Normally Open PV-2 Mini Pneumatic Solenoid Valve, Normally Closed PWM-2 1 Amp Current-Mode PWM Controller PWM-3 1 Amp Current-Mode PWM Controller RLY-405 Sun-Mini 5 Vdc Relay RS-140 Mini Rotary Switch, PC Mount RS-1757-Position Rotary Switch SDA-81 High Brightness 0.8" high 7-Segment LED Display SDA-801 0.8" high 7-Segment LED Display SMC-12M752L Stepper Motor Controller SMKIT-2Stepper Motor Controller Kit SMT-57 Stepper Motor SMT-72 Hybrid Stepper Motor SMT-80Small Unipolar Stepper Motor SMT-81Unipolar Stepper Motor SMT-83 Bipolar Linear Actuator SMT-84 Gearhead Stepper Motor SMT-88 Stepper Motor w/ Polygon Mirror SMT-94 Gearhead Stepper Motor SMT-365Stepper Motor with Gearbox SRLY-10 1 Amp Solid State Relay SS-19THall-Effect Magnetic Position Sensor Switch TBS-5Butt Set: Lead Replacement TCTX-12 Telephone/Modem Coupling Transformer, 600 OHM TCTX-13 Telephone/Modem Coupling Transformer, 600 OHM TCTX-14 600 OHM Coupling Transformer TCTX-17Coupling Transformer, 600:365 Ohms TRM-2TOSLINK Fiber Optic Receiving Module TW-16TAPERWIRE™ 16/2 Flat Speaker Wire TW-18TAPERWIRE™ 18/2 Flat Speaker Wire TW-20TAPERWIRE™ 20/2 Flat Speaker Wire TXL-1Twist Grip Throttle for Electric Bike/Scooter TXL-2Twist Grip Throttle for Electric Bike/Scooter, 36V UGN-3030T Hall Effect Switch ULED-1 5mm Ultra-Violet LED VC-12Webcam VC-30 Color Video Camera Kit VT-4 Current Sensing Inductor