Spec Sheets

2SC3457NPN Triple Diffused Planar Transistor ACM-20AC Power Monitor, 110-250V, 20A ACM-100AC Power Monitor, 110-250V, 100A ACM-276115 Vac Rapid Reversible AC Motor AECChaser Kit AMP-15Stereo Amplifier, 20W / Channel AMP-84033W Stereo Amplifier Module AND-202-Digit, 0.56" 7-Segment Display AQV252Solid-State Relay, 60V 400mA, 6-in DIP ARD-21Arduino UNO - R3 ARD-24ATMEGA328 with Arduino OPTIBOOT (UNO) AT-20Waterproof Audio Transducer, 20W AT-50Waterproof Audio Transducer, 50W BC-24U24 Volt, 2.5 Amp Lead-Acid Battery Charger, Used BC-4056Lithium Battery Charging Module CF-447U12 Vdc 40 x 50mm High Velocity Cooling Fan CON-210P2 Conductor RC Battery Plug CON-210S2 Conductor RC Battery Socket CON-230P2 Conductor Connector, Male CON-230S2 Conductor Connector, Female CON-2402 Conductor Locking Connector with Leads CON-2422 Pin Connector with Header, 0.10" CON-2433 Pin Connector with Header, 0.10" CON-2444 Pin Connector with Header, 0.10" CON-3192 Conductor Weather-Resistant Connector, 14 AWG CON-3202 Conductor Weather-Resistant Connector, 18 AWG CON-3212 Conductor Weather-Resistant Connector, 10 AWG CON-3403 Conductor Locking Connector with Leads CON-4404 Conductor Locking Connector with Leads CON-241010 Pin Connector with Header, 0.10" Spacing CT-35RF Controller for RGB LED Strips CTR-922-Digit Counter Kit SBC-1Small Battery Connector, White SBC-2Small Battery Connector, Beige D203SPassive Infrared (PIR) Module DC-5205V 20A DC-DC Converter DC-48333.3V 1.5A DC-DC Converter DC-4833B3.3V 2.5A DC-DC Converter DCC-3MStep-Down DC Regulator with Digital Meter DCLK-1Time - Temperature - Voltage Meter DCM-40512 Vdc Motor DCM-41424 Vdc Motor w/ Spline Shaft DCM-41685 RPM 12 Vdc Gear Motor DCM-4546 Vdc Mini-Motor DCM-4593-Phase Brushless DC Motor DCM-478Motor with Offset Weight, Vibrator DCM-4803 Vdc Motor DCM-246024 Vdc Brushless Motor, 600W DCM-33121.2 RPM, 12 Vdc Gear Motor DCM-91206-24 Vdc Gear Motor, 1:84 Ratio DCS-108Servo-Generic High Torque Full Rotation DPT-10K10K Precision Pot w/ Digital Display FDA-54 Digit Red Clock Display, 0.4" Digits FLW-1Float Switch w/ Integrated Thermistor FSH-12Flash Assembly FSH-13Flasher FWB-481/2A 400V Mini DIP Bridge Rectifier GS-29Gas Sensor Module IL712-2IL712-2 2-Channel Digital Isolator ILED-8T 1 3/4 Infrared LED, Emitter ILED-13Infrared LED, 5mm IR-26Hidden IR Repeater System KA3525ASMPS Controller KP-2212 Button Keypad KP-2316 Button Keypad KP-505-Button Tactile Pushbutton Control L4620Liquid Level Alarm IC LBAT-5183V 3.4MA Rechargeable Battery LCD-101256 X 128 LCD Panel LCD-11124 X 1 LCD LCD-12916 Character X 2 Line LCD w/ LED Backlight LCD-16520 Character X 2 Line LCD w/ LED Backlight LCD-2002 Digit LCD LCD-22012 Character X 2 Line LCD LCD-220H12 Character X 2 Line LCD LCD-439128 X 240 LCD Graphic Display Module LED Hook-Up GuideLED Hook-Up Guide LED-5BL5 Watt Blue LED w/ Star Heatsink LED-5CW5 Watt LED Cool White w/ Star Heatsink LED-5WW5 Watt LED Warm White w/ Star Heatsink LED-12R12 Vdc 5mm Red LED LED-57Green 5mm LED LED-59Blue T1 LED-72Yellow T1 3/4 LED, Ultrabright LED-83Ultrabright White LED, 3mm T-1 LED-92Purple 5mm LED LED-94Super-Ultrabright Red LED, 5mm LED-127Ultrabright White LED, 5MM LED-158RGB Color-Changing LED LED-161CWWater-Resistant 12 Vdc LED Module LED-233Ultrabright Red LED, 5mm LED-914Super-bright High-flux LED, True Green LED-915Super-bright High-flux LED, Standard Green LED-916Super-bright High-flux LED, Amber LED-918Super-bright High-flux LED, White LEDKITLED Flashing Kit LF33CVVery Low Drop 3.3V Regulator LH-2Oval Lamp Housing Assembly LLC-46Logic Level Converter, Bi-Directional LM34DZPrecision F Temp Sensors LM35DZCelsius Temperature Sensor LM723Adjustable Voltage Regulator, 2-37V LP-7014V Neo-Wedge Base Lamp LPM-3Low Profile 3-LED Mini Module, Cool-White LRS-40120 Vac Lighted Rocker Switch LS-12-CW12 Vdc LED light Strip, Cool-White LS-12-NW12 Vdc LED light Strip, Neutral-White LS-12-WW12 Vdc LED light Strip, Warm-White LS-2327" RGB LED Strip with Wire Lead LS-123RGBWeatherproof RGB LED Module LS-223CWSuper-Bright 12V 3-LED Module, Cool-White LTSW-6GOn-Off Momentary Lighted Pushbutton, Green MB-411Project Box with 4 AA Battery Holder MBR2060CTDual Schottky Rectifier, 20A 60V MCU-20J18Microcontroller ATSAMD20J18-AU ME-433 X 4 Matrix Membrane Keypad ME-48DS1302 Real Time Clock Module ME-63ISD1820 Voice Record / Play Module ME-63SISD1820 Voice Record / Play Module with Speaker ME-125Stepper Motor and Driver Board ME-138RFID Read and Write Kit MIC-1Lavalier Microphone MM145453VLCD Driver MPB-35N.O. Momentary Lighted Push-Button MPS8099NPN TO-92 Transistor MQ-131Ozone and Gas Sensor MSD-SKEncrypted 16GB USB Flash Drive MSP-5Control Relay Assembly for Electric Scooter MTS-79DPDT (ON)-ON-(ON) Momentary Toggle Switch MTX-4Impedance Matching Transformer MTX-5Small Transformer NCP1053BAC/DC Converter OSU-62Slotted Optical Switch, TLP831 OSU-63Slotted Optical Switch, MOC70P2 OSU-77Photoelectric Sensor, Used OSU-78Optosensor, Used OSU-79Retroreflective Photoelectric Sensor, Used OSU-80Proximity Sensor, Used PIC16C711-04MCU with A/D 4MHZ PIR-6PIR Motion Sensor PIR-7PIR Sensor PIR-10Mini Single Photobeam Sensor, 50' PIR-200BInfrared Sensor PJT-13Thermoelectric (Peltier) Device PM-20PCDigital AC Ammeter, 0-50A PM-23Digital Panel Meter PS-358High-Output DC-DC Adapter PS-244324 Vdc 4.2A Switching Power Supply PS-254512 Vdc 45A, 3.3 Vdc 3A Power Supply PS-257812 Vdc 78A, 3.3 Vdc 4A Power Supply PS-258612 Vdc 86A Power Supply PS-30050-30 Vdc/0-5 A Max. DC Lab Power Supply PS-30100-30 Vdc/0-10 A Max. DC Lab Power Supply PST-6407C38" Power Strip, Twist-Lock Plug, Cabinet Mount PST-6407R38" Power Strip, Twist-Lock Plug, Rack Mount RC-10Keychain Remote Control REM-2Simplified 2-Device Universal Remote RLM-22-Channel Relay Module RLM-44-Channel Relay Module RLY-55824 Vdc DPDT Signal Relay RLY-5614.5 Vdc DPDT Surface-Mount Relay RLY-5665 Vdc SPDT 16A Relay RLY-57924 Vdc SPDT 10 Amp Relay RLY-58512 Vdc 3A SPDT Relay RLY-242524 Vdc DPDT 25A Relay RLY-PL3DPDT 3 Vdc Latching Relay SC-11010A RC Model Motor Controller SC-11818A RC Model Motor Controller SDA-26Red 0.8" 7-Segment Display SDC-9Red 0.56" 7-Segment LED Display SDD-252.3" 5 X 8 Red-Green Dot Matrix SE-12Photoresistor Module SE-13Mini Reed Switch Module SE-14Linear Magnetic Hall Sensor SE-23Tilt Switch Sensor Module SE-24Easy Hit Sensor Module SE-25Vibration or Jolt Detector Module SE-27IR Receiver Module SE-28IR Transmitter Module SE-32Crash Switch Sensor SE-53Vibration Shock Module SE-54Hall Effect Sensor Board SE-61Metal Touch Sensor SEN-3Alcohol Gas Sensor SEN-4Humidity & Temperature Sensor SEN-7Carbon Monoxide Sensor SEN-17Humidity & Temperature Sensor SEN-BBGas Sensor Breakout Board SFT-5Self-Fusing Rubber Tape SMC-5TB6560 Stepper Motor Controller SMC-15M542L Stepper Motor Controller SMC-26M860L Stepper Motor Controller SMT-387Stepper Motor with Worm Gear and Lead Screw SMT-388Stepper Motor with Rotating Magnet ST-1079XY Joystick Module ST-1081Obstacle Avoidance Sensor ST-1089IR Receiver Module ST-1113LCD1602 Keypad Shield For Arduino ST-1124Joystick Shield ST-1140Line Following / Reflectivity Sensor ST-1172Laser Module STMD-2Stepper Motor Driver, 2A Per Phase TCTX-17Coupling Transformer 600:365 Ohms TCTX-18Midcom 671-1538 Coupling Transformer TEK-5Press 'n Peel Make PC Boards in Minutes TF-281.2.8 TFT LCD Touch Shield THM-4Thermostatic Control Module TMP-36TMP36 Temperature Sensor, TO92 TNR-100PTC Thermistor / Temperature Sensor TRC-1500Temperature Controller TS-12Digital Temperature Sensor TX-275120V : 277U Step-Up Autotransformer, 275 VA TX-500120V : 268-277U Step-Up Autotransformer TX-124012V/24V 80VA Power Transformer UCP-1500Ultracapacitor 1500 Farads - 2.7 Vdc UDC-74 Amp Buck-Boost Converter Module W/ LCD Display UST-4Ultrasonic Distance Sensor VC-24052W DC-DC Converter, 24-5V VFD-16216 x 2 Vacuum Fluorescent Display Weather Pack Connector KitsInstruction Sheet for Crimping Weather Pack Connector KitsSpec Sheet WP-22Instruction Sheet for Weather Pack 22-Way Bulkhead Connectors WFM-101WiFi Module

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